Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8-28-12 CVS Deals & Steals

Believe it or not...alll of this was free!  OMG, I know!

Venus Razor - $7.99   
Used $4 Manufacturers Coupon
$5 Extra Care Bucks Back
$1.01 Money Maker!

Cottonelle Wipes - $1.99
Used $1 Manufacturers Coupon

M&Ms & Milky Way - $1.98 for both
Used $0.50 Manufacturers Coupon
$1 Extra Care Bucks Back
$0.48 for both

Quaker Granola Bars (3 count box) - On Clearance for $0.50 each
Used $1/2 Manufacturers Coupon

CVS Body Wash - $2.37
Used $2 CVS coupon

Paid $7.34 with a $10 CVS gift card
**Note: I got this gift card thru the Geico Priveleges Program and actually bought it for $5!**
Got back $7 Extra Care Bucks

Not a bad way to re-enter the blogging fray...with a bag full of free stuff!

Jumping in head first!

Well for as much as I talk about saving money, sometimes there are other ways to improve your life and your bank account.  Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  I really hope that's what I've done today.

I decided today to become a consultant for Initials Inc. which is an company featuring awesome products ranging from purses, ireader sleeves, casserole dish covers, paperwork organizers & much more!  They can (as the name implies) all be personalized with your initials, name, whatever you like!  These products are similar to 31, but the reason why I decided to partner with Initials Inc is 2 fold:

1: I am as of now, I am one of only 24 consultants in Nebraska.  This will offer me a wide customer base and not limit my potential to sell.  (Previously I have tried to be a sales consultant for Discovery Toys, and while it was a company and product I could totally stand behind, I was competing with some very successful sales ladies in a small market and frankly, I didn't stand a chance.)

2: I find the styles, patterns and options much more "me" than with 31.  Trust me, I feel like 31 is a great line, and I've purchased several things in the past...but the fabrics I can choose from with Initials Inc. are definetly my style...and that's what sold me. 

So what does this mean for me?  One more thing to add to my lengthy "To Do" List.   Yes.  But is it an opprotunity for me to meet new people?  Yes.  Is it a chance for me to earn some extra income for our little family?  Yes.  Did I get an awesome deal on the "Starter Kit" and am I totally happy with what I'll be getting in the mail?  YES!  If I don't make a cent will I still be happy with this?  YES YES YES! 

Here's the link to my website, check out the items...let me know what you think and PLEASE contact me if you're interested in a party!

Walgreens Deal On The Run

The Walgreens in Williamsburg (Lincoln, NE) has Pampers size 2 sensitive diapers marked down to $4.99 and some great clearance on nursing supplies!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Super Couponing News!

Awesome news fellow frugalists!  Starting on August 26th, the Dollar Tree (where everything is only $1, as opposed to the Dollar General or Family Dollar) is going to start accepting Manufacturers Coupons! 
Dollar Tree
How do I love thee, let me count the ways!

This will equal some humongous savings when you think about the groceries and paper products they sell.  Walking thru last night, there were several items I saw that I had coupons for that would be free, if not $0.25 or $0.50. 

There are some stipulations, like you can only use 2 printed coupons per transaction, but when you are getting stuff FREE, it hardly matters! 

Brace yourself Dollar Tree, because come the 26th, I'll be busting down your door!

Missed me?

I'll Be Back!  Oh, you knew I couldn't stay away forever...I've totally missed sharing all of my crazy couponing antics with you all.  However many or few of you there are. 
Back in April I was diagnosed with mono.  Seriously, mono.  I don't know where it came from, all I know is that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. 
After that I lost an awful lot of motivation.  Although I've kept my house clean and kept up on my shopping efforts, there is a lot that has slipped by the wayside.  I cancelled my membership at the Y.  I had a stack of coupon inserts almost 3 inches thick.  And I gave up on blogging.  Almost.
After a trip to the store recently where I saw some amazing deals I thought someone should cash in on, I realized I really do miss it. 
So I hope you receive my return to the blogosphere with open arms...I've missed you dear readers!  Now let the cheapskate love fest begin!