Monday, March 26, 2012

Organizing on a budget

Some days I feel like the deck is stacked against me when it comes to keeping organized throughout the house. With 2 small kids who have more crap than you can imagine crammed into a 1920s house with very little storage, life can be hard when you like everything to have a place.
Enter the Dollar Tree & Target's Dollar Spot. Pretty much all my little storage containers come from there & how can you beat a buck!

This is the previously under utilized shelves in Zoe's closet.  These baskets were $1 at the Dollar Tree and the magazine holders were from Target's Dollar Spot.  We are now using this space to stash all the kids artsy farsty stuff in one spot rather than be scattered throughout the house.  Best of all, it's out of their reach so I never walk into a suprise Play Doh incident.  We've got stickers, craft items, Play doh, markers and crayons in their respective bins and then construction paper, coloring books and note pads in the magazine racks.  I love it!  And for a total of $8 I've taken these shelves from useless to ideal. 

For those of you that took a collective breath at seeing the extent of my neurosis...sorry.  This is the cupboard in my hallway built in and I am so grateful that our lovely older home has this in it!  Here is where we keep all of our "day to day" stuff; I'll run it down from top to bottom:
Camera Stuff & Photo discs
Random office supplies & pens
Notepads, folders, greeting cards
Meds: headache medicine, wound care, kids meds
Day to day meds, dental care, lotion, face treatments, make up, hair doo-dads

Having all of these items at hand right there in the closet makes life so much easier.  Although it drives me up the wall to see it get unorganized and then have to take the time to fix it...for the most part this keeps me sane.  Josh never has to ask where to find anything; its all labeled.  Dangerous things are out of reach to the kids and it out of sight. 

These might not be the most beautiful solutions in the whole wide world; but they were affordable, they work for us and if they break, their replacement is just a quick trip to the Dollar Tree away.

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