Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love Don't Cost A Thing

Now before you go thinking I'm a big J. Lo fan I'll stop you right there.  Today's post is just about how kids can make your day, realize how loved you are and how much you love them...and it won't cost a penny.  They are the most expensive investment of your life, but you get paid back in spades!

Zoe loves to color.  And I don't just mean she is content for a few minutes...truly, she could spend the whole day coloring.  Last night at dinner of course that was my safety net to keep her happy and behaving like a civilized human.  She sat still, didn't throw her food or make a mess and even said "thank you" when Josh gave her sips of root beer.  But the happiest moment was when she scribbled with great fervor, threw her crayon down and squealed with delight as she showed off her masterpiece. 

Elliott is a snuggler and a movie buff.  After Zoe went to bed last night he climbed up on the couch with me and we all watched "The NeverEnding Story".  What a blast from the past and a hilarious treat for Josh and I to take that trip down memory lane.  He loved every waking moment of that movie.  And as we tucked him in to bed he gave both Josh and I big bear hugs and told us how when he was a dad and had a son, he would give him that movie for his 6th birthday.  At that moment we felt like the best parents ever.  True or not, we felt that way...

So every time I feel guilty for getting them a toy or a treat they don't need.  Or every time I feel guilty for not getting them a toy or treat I just need to remember those moments and that love and happiness don't cost a thing.

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