Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't do windows

You know that old phrase "I don't do windows", well for my husband it's "I don't do coupons".  Poor sweet dope.  He went to Hy Vee last night to get what he needed for dinner and I knew he'd be spending $20 or so, and I sent him with 4 coupons for items that were $0.99 with said coupon.  He got it all wrong.  Even thought he coupons are large enough for an octigenerian with glaucoma to see them clearly, he bought the wrong cookies, flour, milk and granola bars and paid full price for them all.  And then was mad at me...

When I got home I could tell he was still in a snit and he tried to convince me to return what he'd bought.  Well of course by then Elliott had spotted chocolate chip granola bars and it was all over but the crying.  Literally.
We kept it all, it's not worth stressing out over and I explained to him that even I make mistakes.  I buy the wrong thing and my coupon doesn't work.  Or I have to walk away from a deal I planned on because they don't have the right size or style of something.  You have to be incredibly meticulious to make it worth your time and THAT is why I am at the store for 2 hours sometimes, to get it right. 
He just looked at me and said "I don't know how you do it..." and that right there is all the thanks I need!

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