Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Stores - 30 Dollars - Big Savings

So last night we decided to skip the YMCA and make a quick run to CVS and Super Saver...then I got a wild hair to stop at Shopko as here is a run down of the deals we picked up.  I spent just under $30, and it took less than an hour and a half.

1/4 zip sweater for Elliott on clearance for $3.19
2 packages of Goody hair doo-dads for Zoe on sale for $1 each
Total: $5.19 + tax

Cottonelle Wet Wipes on sale for $1.99 x 2
     Used $1 Manufacturers Coupon x 2
     Total: $2
Colgate 360 Toothbrush on sale for $2.99 with $2 Extra Care Bucks Back
     Used $1 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: Free
Pediasure Sidekicks 4 pack on clearance for $3.49
     Used $2 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.49
Colgate Kids Toothpaste Buy One at $3.49 Get One Free
    Used 2 $1 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.49 for 2 toothpastes!
Huggies Pull Ups $12.99
     Used Free Coupon from hosting Huggies Pull Ups Potty Dance House Party
     Total Cost: Free
Pampers Diapers $11.99 (this is a horrible price, but I wasn't expecting a better price at Super Saver, but I was wrong!  Note to self!)
     Used $1.50 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $10.50
Headphones for Josh $9.99
Other Coupons Used:
     $3 off a $10 Health and Beauty Purchase CVS Coupon
     $11 in Extra Care Bucks
Total Out of Pocket: $16.76
Earned $2 Extra Care Bucks
Grand Total: $16.76

Super Saver:
Dannon Yogurt on sale 10/$4
     Used $0.40/6 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $3.60 for 10 yogurts
Purex Detergent on sale for $1.98
     Used $0.50 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.48
Marcal Small Steps Napkins (I love these napkins because the bag has a sinch tie on it so your napkins aren't flapping around in the cupboard!)  on clearance for $2.50
     Used $1 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.50
Total: $6.58 + tax

Not to bad for just under $30 huh?


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