Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Stores - 30 Dollars - Big Savings

So last night we decided to skip the YMCA and make a quick run to CVS and Super Saver...then I got a wild hair to stop at Shopko as here is a run down of the deals we picked up.  I spent just under $30, and it took less than an hour and a half.

1/4 zip sweater for Elliott on clearance for $3.19
2 packages of Goody hair doo-dads for Zoe on sale for $1 each
Total: $5.19 + tax

Cottonelle Wet Wipes on sale for $1.99 x 2
     Used $1 Manufacturers Coupon x 2
     Total: $2
Colgate 360 Toothbrush on sale for $2.99 with $2 Extra Care Bucks Back
     Used $1 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: Free
Pediasure Sidekicks 4 pack on clearance for $3.49
     Used $2 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.49
Colgate Kids Toothpaste Buy One at $3.49 Get One Free
    Used 2 $1 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.49 for 2 toothpastes!
Huggies Pull Ups $12.99
     Used Free Coupon from hosting Huggies Pull Ups Potty Dance House Party
     Total Cost: Free
Pampers Diapers $11.99 (this is a horrible price, but I wasn't expecting a better price at Super Saver, but I was wrong!  Note to self!)
     Used $1.50 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $10.50
Headphones for Josh $9.99
Other Coupons Used:
     $3 off a $10 Health and Beauty Purchase CVS Coupon
     $11 in Extra Care Bucks
Total Out of Pocket: $16.76
Earned $2 Extra Care Bucks
Grand Total: $16.76

Super Saver:
Dannon Yogurt on sale 10/$4
     Used $0.40/6 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $3.60 for 10 yogurts
Purex Detergent on sale for $1.98
     Used $0.50 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.48
Marcal Small Steps Napkins (I love these napkins because the bag has a sinch tie on it so your napkins aren't flapping around in the cupboard!)  on clearance for $2.50
     Used $1 Manufacturers Coupon
     Total: $1.50
Total: $6.58 + tax

Not to bad for just under $30 huh?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy Deals on Kids Toys @ Target

There are "stackable" coupons for several toys and games at Target this week.  This means that there is both a Target store coupon and a Manufacturers coupon for the same item that you can use together.  This is the perfect time to pick a few things up for birthday parties throughout the year, or stash away for Christmas!  I am picking up 3 12-packs of play-doh, one from the Easter Bunny and two to stash for later. 

These are some of the deals that can be scored:

Buy 1 Chutes & Ladders game at $7.04
Use the $3/1 Chutes and Ladders Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Chutes & Ladders coupon (or in the 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.04 after coupons
Buy 1 Cootie game at $7.79 
Use the $3/1 Cooties Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Cooties coupon (or in 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.79 after coupons
Buy 1 Candyland game at $7.79 
Use the $3/1 Candyland Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Candyland coupon (or in 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.79 after coupons
Also, there is a $3 Target Coupon for Play-Doh and a $3 Manufacturers coupon making a 24 pack less than $5!

**Thanks to Money Saving Mom & For The Mamas for this pairing!**

Monday, March 26, 2012

Organizing on a budget

Some days I feel like the deck is stacked against me when it comes to keeping organized throughout the house. With 2 small kids who have more crap than you can imagine crammed into a 1920s house with very little storage, life can be hard when you like everything to have a place.
Enter the Dollar Tree & Target's Dollar Spot. Pretty much all my little storage containers come from there & how can you beat a buck!

This is the previously under utilized shelves in Zoe's closet.  These baskets were $1 at the Dollar Tree and the magazine holders were from Target's Dollar Spot.  We are now using this space to stash all the kids artsy farsty stuff in one spot rather than be scattered throughout the house.  Best of all, it's out of their reach so I never walk into a suprise Play Doh incident.  We've got stickers, craft items, Play doh, markers and crayons in their respective bins and then construction paper, coloring books and note pads in the magazine racks.  I love it!  And for a total of $8 I've taken these shelves from useless to ideal. 

For those of you that took a collective breath at seeing the extent of my neurosis...sorry.  This is the cupboard in my hallway built in and I am so grateful that our lovely older home has this in it!  Here is where we keep all of our "day to day" stuff; I'll run it down from top to bottom:
Camera Stuff & Photo discs
Random office supplies & pens
Notepads, folders, greeting cards
Meds: headache medicine, wound care, kids meds
Day to day meds, dental care, lotion, face treatments, make up, hair doo-dads

Having all of these items at hand right there in the closet makes life so much easier.  Although it drives me up the wall to see it get unorganized and then have to take the time to fix it...for the most part this keeps me sane.  Josh never has to ask where to find anything; its all labeled.  Dangerous things are out of reach to the kids and it out of sight. 

These might not be the most beautiful solutions in the whole wide world; but they were affordable, they work for us and if they break, their replacement is just a quick trip to the Dollar Tree away.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tons of Rebates Out There

In my last few shopping trips I've seen several really good rebates on the shelves.
Arm & Hammer laundry detergent packets have peel off forms for a full rebate
Arm & Hammer Ultra Last 28 pound kitty litter has an $8 peel off rebate form making it approximately $2.50
Lysol Dual Action wipes also have a full price rebate peel off form
Land O Lakes website has a buy one get on free coupon rebate

I've picked up all of these items & in 6 to 8 weeks should have almost $25 in rebates in the mail!
So keep your eyes open while you're out shopping, you might as well get it for free if you can!

Free Easter Basket Goodies @ Walgreens!

Did you see the coupon in this Sunday's paper for $1/2 Mars products? Well don't be silly & use them on 2 big bags of M&Ms, stop in @ Walgreens & pick up either Snickers eggs or Milky Way Bunnies priced 2/$1!
I just picked up 6 along with some $1 sidewalk chalk, Peeps 3/$2 & $0.39 bubbles!
We're almost ready for the Easter bunny & I haven't spent more than $6!

Deal On The Run: Snow Shovel @ Super Target

We didn't have to think about snow too much this winter; lucky us!  Unlucky for Super Target who is now trying to unload tons of shovels! 

Luckier for me, I picked up a great new shovel, with a rubber grip no less, for $3! 

Granted this will sit in our garage till December, but I'd rather know now that I have a nice new sturdy shovel than wait until the snow falls and our crappy snovel snaps in half.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't do windows

You know that old phrase "I don't do windows", well for my husband it's "I don't do coupons".  Poor sweet dope.  He went to Hy Vee last night to get what he needed for dinner and I knew he'd be spending $20 or so, and I sent him with 4 coupons for items that were $0.99 with said coupon.  He got it all wrong.  Even thought he coupons are large enough for an octigenerian with glaucoma to see them clearly, he bought the wrong cookies, flour, milk and granola bars and paid full price for them all.  And then was mad at me...

When I got home I could tell he was still in a snit and he tried to convince me to return what he'd bought.  Well of course by then Elliott had spotted chocolate chip granola bars and it was all over but the crying.  Literally.
We kept it all, it's not worth stressing out over and I explained to him that even I make mistakes.  I buy the wrong thing and my coupon doesn't work.  Or I have to walk away from a deal I planned on because they don't have the right size or style of something.  You have to be incredibly meticulious to make it worth your time and THAT is why I am at the store for 2 hours sometimes, to get it right. 
He just looked at me and said "I don't know how you do it..." and that right there is all the thanks I need!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love Don't Cost A Thing

Now before you go thinking I'm a big J. Lo fan I'll stop you right there.  Today's post is just about how kids can make your day, realize how loved you are and how much you love them...and it won't cost a penny.  They are the most expensive investment of your life, but you get paid back in spades!

Zoe loves to color.  And I don't just mean she is content for a few minutes...truly, she could spend the whole day coloring.  Last night at dinner of course that was my safety net to keep her happy and behaving like a civilized human.  She sat still, didn't throw her food or make a mess and even said "thank you" when Josh gave her sips of root beer.  But the happiest moment was when she scribbled with great fervor, threw her crayon down and squealed with delight as she showed off her masterpiece. 

Elliott is a snuggler and a movie buff.  After Zoe went to bed last night he climbed up on the couch with me and we all watched "The NeverEnding Story".  What a blast from the past and a hilarious treat for Josh and I to take that trip down memory lane.  He loved every waking moment of that movie.  And as we tucked him in to bed he gave both Josh and I big bear hugs and told us how when he was a dad and had a son, he would give him that movie for his 6th birthday.  At that moment we felt like the best parents ever.  True or not, we felt that way...

So every time I feel guilty for getting them a toy or a treat they don't need.  Or every time I feel guilty for not getting them a toy or treat I just need to remember those moments and that love and happiness don't cost a thing.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Shopping Highs and Lows

As I've been trying very hard to lose weight and be more eco-friendly, I'm attempting to shop at stores that I can walk to more frequently.  Generally I'm not a huge fan of Sunmart or Russ's Markets because on the whole, they are overpriced.  They usually have 1 or 2 good sales each week; but they also have clearance going for them.  The "aisle of shame" as well as discounted "ready to eat" meats.  It's worth a shot. 

I did well at Russ's getting butter for $1.68, a half gallon of milk on clearance for $0.99 and Barilla Wheat Pasta on clearance for $1.25 and used a $1 coupon - $0.25 wheat pasta!  Get outta here!  I was generally pleased with my experience until I looked at my receipt and realized that the creep at the cash register rang up 3 butters instead of 2.  I could have gone back, but by then it just wasn't worth it.

On to Sunmart.  They had strawberries for $2/lb, but of course in Sunmart's typical fashion, they all looked like shit.  I thought about opening the containers and making my own pound of edible strawberries, but I'm sure that's generally frowned upon, so I picked the best of the worst and moved on.  My biggest draw was the Dannon 10/$5 - this is my favorite kind of yogurt, plus I had a $0.40/6 coupon.  I just wanted to scream when I got back to the dairy section and saw they only had 2 types of Dannon, strawberry and blueberry.  NO, NO, NO.

So sometimes you don't get what you're looking for, but sometimes you find something you just can't walk away from.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CVS Deals 3/13/12

How much would you pay for what's pictured below? 
2 Bottles of Irish Spring Body Wash
PediaCare Fever Reducer
2 Bags of M&Ms
3 Reach Toothbrushes
2 Easter Eggs
Zyrtec 5 pack
Advil PM
Kleenex Cool Touch
Bic Long Lighter

How about $21.07?  Does that sound reasonable?  What if I told you I spent $21.07 on all of this AND 5 12-packs of Coke products?  Did you just choke?  I did! 

Here's how it worked out:

Transaction #1:
5 Coke Products on sale for $15, with $5 Extra Care Bucks back
2 Mars Eggs $0.87 each
Zyrtec 5 pack $5.99 with $5.99 Extra Care Bucks back
Kleenex Cool Touch $1.34
Bic Lighter $5.19
Total: $29.26
Used the following coupons:
2 - $1/2 Coke 12-pack Manufacturers Coupon
$0.99 Extra Care Bucks from a previous visit
$0.25/2 Mars Easter Eggs CVS Coupon
$0.50 Kleenex CVS Coupon
$0.40 Kleenex Manufacturers Coupon
Total Out Of Pocket: $24.76
Earned $11.99 Extra Care Bucks

Transaction #2:
2 Irish Spring Body Wash on sale 2/$7 with $4 Extra Care Bucks back
Reach 3 Pack Toothbrushes on sale for $3.69 with $2 Extra Care Bucks back
PediaCare on sale for $5.99 with $5.99 Extra Care Bucks back
2 M&Ms $4.39 Buy One Get One Free (I just noticed that I didn't get the free discount, so I'll have to take my receipt in today!)
Advil PM 20 count $5.49
Total: $30.95
Used the following coupons:
$1 off Irish Spring Manufacturers Coupon
$0.50 off Irish Spring Manufacturers Coupon
$2 off Reach Toothbrushes Manufacturers Coupon
$1.50/2 M&Ms Manufacturers Coupon
$2 off Advil Product CVS Coupon
$3 off Advil PM Manufacturers Coupon
$3 off a Health & Beauty Purchase CVS Coupon
$11.99 in Extra Care Bucks
Total Out of Pocket: $7.31
Earned $11 in Extra Care Bucks

So for these 2 visits I spent a total out of pocket of $32.07 but I have a credit of $11 to CVS; making my Grand Total: $21.07

Friday, March 9, 2012

3/8/12 Super Target Deals

Purina Beneful $5.39
Used a $2.50 Manufacturers Coupon & a $2 Target Coupon
Total: $0.99!

Kellogg's Deal:
Buy 5 select items, get a $5 gift card
Bought 4 boxes of cereal & 1 box of pop tart crisps
Used a $4 off 4 manufacturers coupon for the cereal plus a $1 off 3 Target coupon plus a $0.50 pop tart manufacturers coupon
Taking the gift card into account that makes each item less than $1 each