Monday, February 20, 2012

Make A Budget

I am the one who manages all of the finances in our home. Even though Josh is what anyone would consider the "bread winner", I make a contribution to our income and handle all bills, savings etc...
What it really boils down to though is that I'm good at saving money.  I sock money away in our savings account, I coupon, I cut costs and try to cook reasonably priced meals and avoid eating out as much as possible.
Josh on the other hand does the exact opposite.  He spends money on fun things like going out with his friends and unnecessary toys for the kids and eating out.  Then all of a sudden he makes statements like: "Within the next 2 months we need to get a home security system/go to Topeka to visit Grandma/Get my sunroof fixed" etc...  Where does he think the money for this comes from?

So I sat down and wrote and printed for him to see; an overall montly budget that includes how much we put into savings, our average expenditures et al.  I overshot on my grocery budget because I explained, if I don't, he'll spend the money on something else.

I've also started printing a per pay period budget.  That way he can see what we have to work with every two weeks. 
It's amazing how we just got paid Friday and he has spent almost $200 on basically nothing.  Gas is a necessity, but everything else there is nothing to show for it.
I on the other hand have spent just under $90 on groceries, including presents for my nieces birthday party.  Funny how different those numbers are isn't it?

Josh is a smart guy.  He was involved in DECA in high school and understands money and savings pretty well.  But for some reason the money he spends on a daily basis doesn't tally in his head and apply to what we have to work with at the given time. 

I really hope that seeing it in black and white will make it much more clear to him when it's time to reign himself in.

Do you and your family make a budget?  What methods have you used to allocate savings? 

I'm looking at the big picture here.  We have a lot going on this year including paying the deductible on our home owners insurance for a new roof and an upcoming trip to Denver.  Call me crazy, but I'd like to enjoy our first REAL vacation since our honeymoon and I refuse to come up short due to lack of planning. 

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