Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Live Rich & Free Shout Out

Live Rich & Free is one of my favorite blogs about living a frugal life.  This gal really knows how to go the extra mile, although she subsequently splurges on vacations that boggle the mind.  She is funny, smart and always has a unique point of view. 
Today reading her blog post, I couldn't agree more.  Sometimes being a tightwad takes all the fun out of life.  BUT, putting that extra money away to take care of things that truly will make your life better in the long run is all worth it. 
I'm in the same boat, Josh and I haven't gone to dinner together since my holiday party, and that was free.  We haven't been to a movie in a year, and that was Cars 2 and I would really like some jeans that fit.  Alas, I'd rather be frugal than wasteful and this is what I get.  Check out her blog, and enjoy!

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