Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dimner x 2 on a budget

Tonight I made steak enchiladas and I only purchased 2 things at the store today to make them with. Everything else was either leftovers or already on the pantry!

Tortillia shells - bought on clearance for $1 @ Sunmart last week
Black bean from the pantry, I'd guess $0.70 or less
Canned corn from the pantry, I'd guess $0.40 or less
Leftover steak & mushrooms from dinner Wednesday
Shredded cheese from the freezer, I'd guess $1.25 or less
Enchilada sauce from the pantry, I'd guess $0.65 or less
New purchases:
Kraft cooking cream cheese $2.50
Spanish rice-a-roni $1

This took no time at all to cook up & I pit half onto another pan and froze it for another night. So 2 meals for 3 people for approximately $8 dedicated to these 2 meals...not too bad!

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