Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whats In My Mailbox 1/30/12

Guess what suprised me in the mailbox yesterday?  A free Swiffer 360 - complete with telescopic rod!  I was just lamenting that I had run out of swiffers and now I've got the hook up on the "latest and greatest". 

Plus my Proctor & Gamble Super Saver coupon book showed up as well.  This is put out every 3 months or so, and has great deals on everything from Swiffer to Mr Clean to Febreeze; really high value coupons.  I'll make sure to post the sign up link next time. 

So now I've got the new Swiffer and a coupon to buy my refills at a kick ass price...what more can you ask for in the mail. 
Maybe all of my tax forms so we can file and get it over with...

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