Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smokin' Hot Walmart Clearance 1/11/12

I don't often shop at Walmart anymore, frankly it's out of the way and a hassle.  I don't think they are very organized, and for the most part, everywhere else I go has comparable prices.  But I had to make a trip out yesterday to exchange a shoe rack. 
I decided to stroll around the entire store and I'm so very glad I did!  The Walmart at 87th & Hwy 2 has the seasonal area at the back of the store FULL of deals.  75% or more off Christmas clearance plus tons of home goods including bedspreads, medication & camoflage.  We found a display of kids pajamas that I literally tore apart.  Unfortunately none to be found for Elliott.  They had big girl sized from 6-11 and boys in the 2T-4T range.  I did find 3 pairs for Zoe that were marked to $4.24.  My price point for kids clothes is $5 or less, and she's growing so fast, so I figured I might as well. 
Much to my suprise at check out they ran up for 75% off the Clearance price, making them $1.12 each!  That's a garage sale price for some brand new Disney jammies! 

Also, a note for you frequent Walmart shoppers: Not only will Walmart price match but they also apply a coupon overage to your total.  For example, if you have a $5 coupon and the item is on sale for $3, you get the remaining $2 applied to your total bill! 

And keep your eyes out for clearanced toys too, not a bad idea to stash a few cheap items in the back of your closet to be ready for birthdays and stocking stuffers! 

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