Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eating Healthy vs My Budget & The Light at the End of the Tunnel

So just like every other person in America, my New Years Resolution is to loose weight.  You would think that this meant that my monthly grocery bill would go down since I'm not eating as much right?  WRONG!

Unfortunately, my kids are still young enough that some things are just a moot point when getting breakfast, lunch and dinner mapped out.  Zoe cannot eat raw veggies or salad.  Elliott refuses to eat any veggie other than carrots and won't touch salad with a 10 foot pole.  Hummus, forget about it.  Even though its sooo good, and packed with protein, no way. 

All those fresh items that I am now buying every 5 days or so don't come with coupons or discounts, so I really am going to be ultra fastedious about how I plan my shopping trips.  We are going thru the following in 1 week:
7 apples
10-14 bananas
1 bag of salad
1 bag baby carrots
1 head of broccoli
1 head of cauliflower
2 bell peppers
1 tub of hummus
7-10 cups of yogurt

I'm just REALLY glad today is Wednesday and I can get my paper out and figure out my plan of attack for the week.  I've held off on any shopping since Friday last week (which is killing me), but we aren't hurting for anything.  But I've hit the end of my fresh food and it's time to restock.  My budget groans.

Now for the second part of my post, the proverbial Light at the End of the Tunnel!  There are so many things that are beginning to have their loose ends tied up around our house I can hardly contain myself! 
-Home improvements: Zoe's room is finished, and we are in the home stretch with Elliott's room.  We have to buy paint, carpet & new furniture; but due to excellent savings and planning on my part, we're right on track.
-Milk: The kids have been drinking whole milk for the last 7 months now, and as you know, that stuff is EXPENSIVE!  I do my best to average a price of $3 a gallon, and I stock up and freeze it whenever I can.  But the time has come to downgrade to 2% and save myself some cash-ola!  Zoe has gained weight like a champ, Elliott's only real milk intake is cereal, so that hardly matters, and if I'm eating more cereal, I cannot bear the thought of whole milk.  Blarg.
-Diapers: Oh, I may be jumping the gun here, but I'm getting prepped to start potty training Zoe.  She's started to tell you when she needs her diaper changed.  She can get them out of her dresser and will bring it to you and say "dia-purrr".  It's so damn cute!!!  But that's the first step is them recognizing that they are dirty and need changed.  So I'm getting the potty seat out of storage today and we'll just see what happens.  I'm not banking on being done with diapers for another year, but it's on the horizon.
-Bankrupcy: Dear 8 pound 7 ounce baby Jesus, I'm so glad this is almost finished.  I'm not shy about telling anyone this is what we've gone thru, because I think that knowing that we've lived off of only the money in the bank for the last 5 years is pretty darn impressive.  No loans other than our mortgage, no credit cards or store cards, no pay check advances.  And finally come November we're free!  We pay approximately $600 a month toward our bankrupcy...imagine how much more wealthy you'd feel with $6816 in your savings account at the end of the year.  Yup, that's how much it is.  Crikey! 

I guess in the end it all evens out.  I save money on pretty much everything else so we can spend it on fresh produce, carpet and a bunk bed.  And when it's all said and done, we're better budgeters for it.  Lets hope...

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