Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CVS & Walgreens Deals & Steals 1/15/12

So this Sunday I made a serious haul at CVS and Walgreens and walked away with an outstanding amount of stuff for free after you take into account my Register Rewards (RR) and Extra Care Bucks (ECB). 
**Note to Walgreens customers: you can only use as many manufacturers coupons (MQs) as you have items.  And since Register Rewards count as MQs, you really have to plan your check out wisely.  Unfortunately for me, this would have worked out perfectly if Elliott had not messed around with the packs of gum I had on the check out stand.  But as luck would have it, he shuffled everything around and I did have to pay out of pocket.  At least I know that the next time I go back I'll have credit with the RRs.

I'll start first with Walgreens.  I did 2 transactions to ensure I'd get all the rewards:
Transaction #1:
Extra Dessert Delights Gum 2/$1 x 2
Total: $2

Thermacare Wrap $2.49
$2.49 RR
Total: Free

Southbeach Diet Snack Bar $5.99
Minus $1MQ
$6.00 RR
Total: Made $1.01!

Lysol Wipes 2 pack $3
Minus $1 MQ
Total: $2

Paid with $11 in previous Register Rewards & Coupons for a total out of pocket of: $0.86!
**I also got a printed coupon for $2.00 off my next Thermcare purchase...these things are MAGICAL!**

Transaction #2:
Lysol Wipes 2 pack $3
Minus $1 MQ
Total: $2

Southbeach Diet Meal Bar $5.99
Minus $1MQ
$6.00 RR
Total: Made $1.01!

Lady Speedstick 2/$3
Minus 2 $1MQs
Total: $1

Mentos 15 count Gum Bottle $0.99 x 2
Minus 2 $0.55MQs
Total: $0.88

Total Out of Pocket: $12.47
**Here's where my note about the number of coupons comes into play.  If I would have put the Extra gum from Transaction #1 on this transaction, I could have used the Register Rewards from Transaction #1 to pay for Transaction #1 making it free.**
Walgreens Final Total: $13.33
Register Rewards Total $16.50
Grand Total: I made $3.17!

CVS Deals:
Huggies Diapers 2/$19
Minus 2 $2MQ
Minus $3 CVS Coupon
$1 ECB Earned
Total: $11

Almay Eyeshadow Trio (On Clearance) $2.25
Minus $3 CVS Coupon
Total: Made $0.75

Total After Coupons: 12.74
Paid with $10 CVS Cash Card from one of my previous visits
Total Out of Pocket: $2.74
Earned $1 Extra Care Buck
Grand total: $1.74

This would be what I consider to be my greatest couponing success to date!  All useful items purchased in such a fashion that you get the most bang for your coupons and reward bucks.  And trying to get thru this week with a little cash in our pockets was the name of the game, hopefully this trip will make that a little bit easier...

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