Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CVS Note

So my last stop at CVS garnered a small savings but an important tip both for myself and for you!

Really keep an eye out for their 50% and 75% off stickers. They are small, just the same size as you'd use for tagging at a garage sale. And often the same reduced price product is mixed in with the same full price product. Sneaky.

For some reason I'd just thought that they were on the items that were included in the Buy One Get One 50% Off weekly deals, but nope.

There are items out there that rarely go on sale. Household staples that you just accpet the price of and move on. Cotton balls are one of them. I found some bags marked at 75% off, and rang up as $0.49! Granted, this is not a huge savings, nothing to write home about, but in the end all of these little things add up to big savings.

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