Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zoe's Room Redo

Can I get a resounding "HOORAY" from ya'll?!? The redo in Zoe's room is finally complete. I think it took 2 1/2 months. But I can't complain. Josh works almost 65-70 hours a week, has 1 day off a week most times, and has done an awesome job.
Here's the breakdown:
Removed wallpaper
Filled holes
Painted all woodwork
Painted walls
Cleaned carpet
Hung curtains
Moved dresser & crib in from other rooms
Bought and assembled bookcase
Hung shelves

Some spots look a little weird yet. I had to accomodate and plan ahead for the Christmas gifts (ie her little kitchen and large toys that will be housed on the dresser.

Also, as we discovered, wall decals are a monumentally bad idea. When removing them from the walls they literally tore up 2 layers of paint and a layer of wallpaper. Elliott's room looks like it's been hit by a bomb, so we weren't going down that road again. So we're waiting to find something sweet to hang behind her bed; but until then, I'm pretty happy with the end results...have a look!


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