Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walgreens Super Deals 12/21/11

OMG I made out like a bandit at Wags yesterday! I love it when I feel that way after shopping instead of defeated.
Here's the rundown:
-Angel Soft toilet paper 9 rolls/$4 - buy 2 packs and get $1 Register Rewards
Total: $7 for 18 rolls of TP
-Popcorn, Indiana family size bags normally $3.99, on sale for $1.99 minus $1 MQ
Total:$1 for the best damn kettle corn you've ever had
-Blistex $0.99 minus $1/2 MQ
Total: $0.50 each!
-Gilette Pro Fusion items are on sale Buy One Get One Free. Did you know you can use 2 coupons on these!?! So I got 2 heating face scrubs (I don't care if it's for men, I love this stuff!), Paid $8.99 minus 2 $2 MQ
Total of $5, $2.50 each!

Now on to items I found on clearance:
-Neutrogena EyeShadow Quads normally $9.98, on clearance for $5.19, minus $2 MQ printed from the website and $1 from the Wags Holiday Coupon Book. Total: $1.19 - what savings!
-Loreal 360 Face Scrub normally $6.99, on clearance for $3.58, minus the $2 Wags coupon
Total: $1.58
-Biore Face Scrub (man I sound like a broken record with the face scrub, but I have hit the big 30 I've got to take better care of my skin!  Normally $8.99, on clearance for $4.29 minus $2 MQ
Total: $2.29
-Almay Pore Refining Make Up normally $10.99 on clearance for $3.29 minus $1 Wags coupon
Total: $2.29

Total Spent: $21.85
Total Saved: $50 give or take

By the time I left I was literally quaking with excitement.  You may think that's totally lame, but to come home having saved $50 just for taking my time, checking my coupons and never leaving home without my binder is totally worth it to me. 
Just think about when you run out of make up or have to pick up face wash at the grocery store and are paying full price for that item.  If you plan ahead, are organized and never fail to keep your eyes peeled for a deal your savings will add up in no time.
It may be $50 saved now, but think about the fact that I don't HAVE to buy full priced face wash for at least 4 months.  That's 4 months I have to find another super deal, to not pay full price or potentially get it for free. 
As my stockpile grows, I'll never be one of those couponers who can say "I got everything in this room for free", but I will say that "Full Price" is the F Word in my house.

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