Friday, December 30, 2011

Target & Old Navy Deals 12/30/11

Hit up the dollar section ASAP! The Christmas stuff is on clearance for 70% off, which made for $0.30 headbands for Zoe, 5 little rolls of gift wrap & 2 more hats & gloves for the babes.
And Carters 4 piece pajama sets were marked for $7.49! Sleepwear for kids is outrageously expensive, so for a deal like this I can live with seeing presents & elves for a few more months.
Old Navy was still a let down, but I made out like a bandit in the women's clearance.
Somehow a nice black halter swim suit had been marked down to $0.47! You read that right! Less than half a dollar WTF?
That's about it for today...gonna hit CVS up again tomorrow for some rumored shampoo markdowns on pantene & head & shoulders that will make them virtually free...I'll keep you posted!

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