Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free Happiness

Last night we were working together as a family (yes, all 4 of us) to put the finishing touches on Zoe's room.  This poor girl is only a year and a half and her living sitiuation is akin to that of a hobo.  First a bassinette in mom & dad's room upstairs, then downstairs.  Then a nursery upstairs.  Then a shared bedroom downstairs.  Finally, our project is complete and she has her very own, totally Zoe-fied room upstairs. 
All the furniture is in place, the cute toys are on display with much care and her little bed is made.  All we have yet to do is hang her pictures and shelves on the wall.  Unfortunately there is a big weird gap in the decorating where the kitchen I got her for Christmas will be...but I'll just be patient.  It will be perfect in no time!
She was so happy in there, I would like to think she knew it was her very own space; but who knows.  She kept getting her box of books off the shelf, checking out her new closet storage and rolling around all over the floor.  Who knew that something as simple as your own space could make you the happiest girl in town.
So happy in fact that she decided to start walking!  Hooray!  We've been waiting and waiting, and waiting some more.  Elliott was on the move by the time he was just over a year old.  Zoe has really taken her sweet old time, she just turned a year and a half last week.  Better late than never though.  The best part was that we were all there to experience it!  Unfortunatley with the hours Josh puts in at work, he misses day to day sweet moments and often major milestones as well.  Not this time.  We all got to see her march her little butt across the living room with a grin on her face, giggling the whole way!  And that moment made all of us happier than anything money can buy!

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