Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Decision: Santa

After much debate, we've reneged on our idea to get Elliott an old fashioned Nintendo for Christmas.
One of the big reasons for wanting a gaming system was to do something together as a family. As an aside, both Josh and I have some serious weight to lose. Additionally Elliott has more energy than the hadron collider.
The decision was made.  We're getting a Wii.  We all get the opprotunity to be up and active.  Its fun and reliable.
So how did a frugalista such as myself approach getting this high dollar item?  Research baby.  I went thru all the Sunday papers and tallied the cost of all similar Wii items.  Gasp, Toys R Us was the winner!  $124.99 for a bundle including Super Mario Bros, remote, nunchuk and console. 
Then I logged on to Ebates.  I'm sure glad I waited until Monday because they bumped up their cash back bonus to 10% today!!!  In total we spent:
$124.99 for the Wii
$39.99 for an additional remote
**Tax $11.68**
Free Shipping to Store
Total: $177.35
Cash Back Earned: $16!

Then I logged onto and utilized the last $10 credit I had on my account from purchasing $5 Amazon Gift Cards with my points.  I bought a Toy Story game for a grand total of $11 including shipping. 

Needless to say, Santa is being awfully kind this year.  I'm still worried we're setting the bar high for years to come, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is for the whole family.  It will last long into the future and provide hours of entertainment and exercise to all of us. 

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