Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Fun Day

We are so very lucky that Elliott was accepted into the LPS EXCITE program. First of all its free preschool thru the public school system saving us loads of $. Second, its a very diverse program & he has made great friends with kids he might not have known otherwise.
They also do great things for the families like send home a multicultural book each month care of the kiwanis club. And today a local church donated gingerbread house kits to any family that wanted to come to family fun day
Normally I hate stuff like this. I can be a bit anti social, I also am there by myself with the kids and generally feel judged by someone. Today was an exception that will hopefully spur me on to participate more often.
Elliott & I got to decorate a house he was totally proud of. Zoe was quite the social butterfly, and I got to meet some really nice moms.
So cheers to a free day that got me to step outside of my comfort zone & just have fun with my babies!
You hungry?

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