Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas Shopping

I'm not a huge believer in after Christmas shopping.  Most of the decor that is left over is not my cup of tea, and I already have more gift bags than God himself.  But this year I managed to finish off 4 rolls of wrapping paper and almost all of my ribbon.  Plus I hate it when you have a birthday roll around and the only options are gift bags or Christmas wrapping.  So I thought I'd hit Target, see if I could find something generic and stock up.
Here are the highlights:
-1/2 price Oreos.  Really, how often do Oreos go on sale when it's worth buying?  It's a nice splurge that can rest in the pantry for a month or two until our sweet tooth revs up again.
-1/2 price cookie mix.  Seems silly doesn't it.  The same exact sugar cookie mix but with a holiday theme on the packaging is half off.  Plus a $0.40 MQ makes for a good deal to have on had.  I also got a few gingerbread mixes, I truly think this is the most underrated of the cookies!
-1/2 price gift tags.  I almost bought these in the Christmas section $0.67 for 24, and they were so cute.  But guess what, almost the exact same tags were in the dollar section (making them $0.50 each!) with 80 in the bag.  I guess it pays to pay attention. 
-1/2 price ribbon/bow package.  It's too cute!  Tiny little bows and 4 spools of ribbon in some funky colors. 
-1/2 price tissue paper.  I feel guilty, almost all of the tissue paper I've used for the last 5 years has been reused.  From Elliott's baby shower on I've stocked up and rewrapped.  So I gladly purged the really rough looking sheets, and the ones that I've neglected to use for ANYTHING for the last few years and replaced them.  A few packages of plain red and green, a few of some fun prints.  And luckily most packages come with prints and solids, so I can use the solid sheets for gift giving throughout the year! 
-Also, don't neglect the Hanukkah section.  There was some awesome blue and yellow striped tissue paper packs 75% off. 
-The best deal of the day was on Betty Crocker cake and frosting.  Already both were 50% off.  Minus a $0.75 off both coupon made the cake mix $0.80 and the frosting free!  I bought two sets. 
-I also picked up a little birdhouse ornament, we are the Nightengales, so it only seemed fitting.  Also, so new ornament hooks, they make green ones now that blend in with your tree, smart huh?  And some really cool gold spiral hooks to hang my fancier ornaments.

Thats about it.  Unfortunately the only wrapping paper left were the "premium" rolls, and they were still $2.50.  I figure I'll wait another day or two and stop back.  Otherwise I have some Extra Care Bucks burning a hole in my pocket, so I could hit up CVS too! 

I guess the lesson here is: don't go hog wild.  The discounted popcorn and pretzels are still overprices, as are most of the decorations.  It will all still be there; and cheaper, next time you visit.  And if not, maybe it's just not meant to be. 
Also, take your time and pay attention!  No sense in buying snowman paper when you already have two rolls. 
Now get out there and make the most of that clearance section!

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