Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sometimes it pays to get angry

Somewhere in the distance a chorus of angels is singing Hallelujah!  Josh and I have finally stepped into the 21st century and purchased smart phones!  This exciting purchase was not without a fair deal of drama, frustration and even a few curse words.

From this...

To this!!!

First of all, let me say that we have not fallen victim to the smart phone fad.  I see people getting the newest and greatest phone every 6 months to a year, and really it's just flushing your money down the toilet.  We've had the same phones for over 4 years now.  They work (for the most part), and have done their job.  And  to me, a phone's job is to make phone calls and send text messages...playing games all day or updating your facebook status is a perk, not a requirement. 
But...there are so many things a smart phone is good for that I cannot wait to take advantage of.  Smart phone, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways....
*CellFire: these are coupons that load to your cell phone that provide you with savings in addition to the manufacturers and store coupons
*GPS: I get panicky when we travel on the interstate, so having that peace of mind would be amazing
*Videos: there is nothing worse than an impatient child...oh wait there is.  Two impatient children.  Nothing like some cartoons to take the edge off.
*Facebook: need I say more?
*Camera: the camera I just bought stinks.  It only takes decent pictures in the sunlight and it is so thick you can't get it in your pocket.  You've been replaced Vivitar!

So now for the story on how it pays to get upset...we have a friend that works at Sprint that told us we had $150 credits for both of our lines toward new phones when we renewed our contract.  Josh called to double check that the new iPhone advertised at $200 was included in the promotion and to CONFIRM that after the $150 credit the phones would be $50 each.  We were told that would be the price and also that as Sprint Premier members we'd receive 25% off accessories as well.  So later that evening we stroll into Sprint, sure of what we want, willing to pay more per month and were gobsmacked and flabbergasted when we were told that the $200 price is after the $150 is applied, and that there is also a $50 rebate included in that fee.  So to walk out of the store with 2 new iPhones would have cost us $500.  For some of you that's totally reasonable, to Josh and I it's insanity. 
Insanity I tell ya!

Needless to say we walked out the door and ranted and raved the whole drive home.  Josh decided to take matters into his own hands, call Sprint back, raise hell and either get us a decent deal or switch us to another company.  These are the rare moment's I'm glad my husband is an asshole; this was one of them.  He fervently recanted his conversation with the first lady from Sprint customer service and made the point several times about how cold it was and that we had our two small kids with us.  Most of all he kept telling whoever he was talking to "I don't like being made to look like a fool".  (Evidnetly the last 7 months of using a two tone half busted Frankenstien of a phone escaped his memory).  After 45 minutes and 3 employees harassed later he hung up the phone and gave me a thumbs up from across the living room. 

His incessant bitching resulted in us getting 2 Android Evo 4 phones overnighted to us.  They sell for $200 (after the $150 discount).  He got them for a total of $200 with $100 back in rebates!  Thats a grand total of $50 per phone!  OMG!!! 

So welcome to the digital age Nightengale House!  I can't wait to get the mail this afternoon!

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