Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rockin Kimberly Clark and Cars 2 Promotion at Target

Well this was a deal in the making, it's a little convuluted to explain, but here it goes...
Target's deal:
Cottonelle 30 double roll pack of TP $15.99
Get a FREE Kleenex Hand Towel Pack
also bought Pampers Diapers $9.49
Used a $0.50 MQ for the Cottonelle, $0.75 MQ for the Kleenex and a $3 MQ on the diapers.

Total cost for all three items: $21.33
**Best Of All!!!!  a $5 Target Gift Card for buying more than $25 in Kimberly Clark products**
That brings the new total to $16.33

But it gets better, if I save my receipt, and buy Cars 2 on Blue Ray Combo Pack (which I am), and send in the rebate found at this link  then I can get another $10 rebate!  Excluding the cost of the movie, that would bring my paper products haul in at a scant $6.33. 

Unbelieveable!  There are lots of other deals to be planned combining existing coupons, sales at Target on Kimberly Clark products and the upcoming Black Friday sale.  Good luck and good deals!

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