Monday, November 28, 2011

My New Favorite Shopping Site!

So a while ago I found this amazing website  doesn't the name just say it all? design for all is their motto.  And really, it's true, they have a bit of everything under the sun! 
Awesome stuff to decorate your home and work space.  Hip tee shirts for everyone in the family and so much more.  It's just nice to see such fun and unique items for babies especially and not the generic pepto pink gear. 
Recently I've ordered this awesome shirt and not only is it totally cool, but really soft and has a great fit. 

Also, this morning I used the extra credits I had on my account to get this super cute Melissa & Doug Cutting Food set.  Zoe's is getting a play kitchen for Christmas, so this will be the perfect addition to that...and free to boot!
Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box Play Set

Since I love ya'll, here is the link to their website.  I don't really understand why you have to "apply" to be a member, obviously since they let me in, they must have pretty low standards ;)
But check it out, I'm sure ANYONE could find something fun snooping around all their wares!

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