Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Lament

I was awfully proud of myself last week for making an excellent candy haul between Walgreens & CVS to prepare for All Hallows Eve.  I didn't pick up all of our favorites, but I did indulge in a bag of Heath for myself and a bag of Snickers for Josh.  The rest of the candy was just a "whatever the coupons will cover" mentality. 

Last year Josh spent over $40 on candy, including crap that no one actually wants like candy cigarettes.  So with my $10 spent on candy and the big orange bowl full to the brim we made our Trick Or Treating plans:
-Thursday: Fright Night at Morrill Hall.  This was a total bust. $5 to get in and we left with Elliott in tears over a spooky room and less than a whole handful of candy.  Worst of all it was crowded and unorganized, two things I cannot tolerate. 
-Friday: Boo at the Zoo. An excellent time for everyone!  I felt a little evil buying a candy bag for Zoe and then keeping all the treats for myself, but hey, I paid for the bag, what I do with it is my perogative right?  Elliott had a blast and I left with some kick ass coupons.   By the time we left we had 10 coupons for free kids meals from DaVincis, Dairy Queen & Arbys.  Plus discount coupons for a variety of other things to do and buy.  I think that the $6 I paid for admission was easily equaled by those freebies!
-Monday: THE BIG DAY!  After school we went to HyVee for a trick or treat around the store.  It's so nice to go someplace where you can trust it when they give you fresh fruit in your bucket!  Then after a quick bite to eat we walked the neighborhood streets...for 2 hours!  Honestly, we were out for so long we didn't get to hand out any candy to the other kids in our neighborhood. 

So now here we are with over 2 huge bowls of candy and me with a sweet tooth.  But I'm telling you, I'm bound and determined not to go overboard.  I've almost cracked another baby weight milestone, so I don't want to sabotage myself, especially with the holiday season upon us.  Now the big question is...what the hell to do with all that candy?!?

Well my first thought is that Elliott's birthday is coming up and those will make some good treat bags.  Also, I'm going to check on-line to see if there are any good dessert recipes that include some of our favorite left over goodies.  I'm thinking Almond Joy brownies right?  RIGHT!

Another Halloween has come and gone...Another year closer to not seeing my little boy get excited about dressing up as his favorite super hero of the moment.  Another year closer to seeing my little girl want to dress up like a Disney princess.  But best of all...one day closer to being able to decorate for Christmas!

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