Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Amazing Afternoon!

Today my brother was kind enough to watch the kiddos for me so I could put a few extra hours in at work.  After I got home he needed a ride downtown, and the day just got better from there! 

The kids and I stopped again at St. Louise's thrift shop and scored BIG TIME!  While I admit that I'm on a hunt for a dresser or bookcase for Zoe and came up empty handed, what we left with was totally worth the stop.  How much did you spend on your last pair of jeans from Banana Republic.  In the folly of my youth, I used to spend upwards of $75 a pair.  (That makes me throw up in my mouth a little thinking that $75 is enough for a week's worth of groceries now!)  Well today friends, I lucked out.  2 pairs of brand new Banana Republic jeans, in my size, albeit a little long for me for...Drumroll please....$4.50 each.  That's right, no sale in the world could touch that!

Also, we picked up a new pair of sunglasses for Elliott and 4 books.  I will readily admit that books are not on the top of the list of "Stuff I Need", but I love to read, Elliott loves to be read to and he is really getting the nack of his letters and spelling; needless to say I'll splurge!  We got a hardback copy of "Where the Wild Things Are", a family favorite.  "Strega Nona", I remember this was one of my brother and sister's favorite books when they were kids.  Also an "I Spy" and a Superman encyclopedia. 
For all of these wonderful goodies we spent $13.86.  I was simply thrilled!

Then when we got home there were a few suprises in the mailbox.  First, not one, but 3 packes of Emergen-C for kids.  Considering we are headed into cold and flu season, the more I have in my "Feel Better Arsenal" the better.  But best of all was a $5 gift card to Star Bucks from my awesome insurance company Copple Insurance.  They are local, kind, efficient and just plain awesome.  I filled out an on-line survey and voila, coffee for me! 

Last but not least was dinner; Chicken & Rice Casserole.  This is literally one of my favorite things on Earth.  I made one fatal error though, not checking the recipe before I started.  Whoops.  I didn't have the mayo or chicken broth I needed to make it.  Instead I substituted a little bit of this and and little bit of that and honestly you couldn't tell the difference.  I'm so glad I didn't go running to the store up the street and overspend on those non necessities.  Best of all is the leftovers.  We have 3/4 of a small casserole dish to eat this weekend and another small dish in the freezer just waiting for a lazy day.  In hindsight I probably should have frozen 2 small dishes and baked considerably less, but live and learn right. 

So all in all it was a pretty good night.  Our phones should arrive Thursday morning and since I'm not working any extra hours I can cozy up and scour the grocery store ads to prepare for my afternoon shopping excursion.  And best of all, Thursday is leftover night; no real cooking required.  There are Enchiladas, Sloppy Joes, pork loin and potatoes just waiting to be gobbled up and I get to take it easy. 
Hooray for Thursday!

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  1. Wendy Collicott-WitthoffNovember 10, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    LOVE! Hooray for Thursday is right :) Happy Full Beaver Moon <3