Friday, October 7, 2011

Stock Up Sale @ HyVee

There are 2 deals that end today that I think you MUST get out there and buy!

The first is that Huggies Diapers (all types) are on sale for $5.99.  In the paper a few weeks ago, and also in the mail if you've signed up on the Huggies website there were some $3 coupons for the new Huggies Slip On diapers.  So that makes these only $2.99 - AWESOME!  Even better is that you will earn $5.99 baby bucks...a small dent in the $150 baby bucks = $10 gift card scheme.  I bought 3 bags yesterday and I'm headed back to buy 2 more today.

The second is shredded cheese.  If you're like us and you go thru a metric ton of cheese a month, you know how expensive it can be.  Regularly shredded cheese is almost $2.50 a bag...but yesterday and today HyVee has their bags on sale for $0.99!  OMG I can smell the quesedillas now!  There is a limit of 4, so I bought 4 at the Williamsburg store yesterday and I'll be stopping at the O Street store for 4 more today.  They'll go straight into the freezer and I should be able to get thru the next 3 months without having to buy and more. 

So get out there Lincoln, but don't clear the shelves of size 4 Huggies, I'm on my way!

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