Monday, October 31, 2011

Cashing in those points!

So you know how so many things offer you "points" for buying them?  Well it's time for me to cash in.  We've been pondering what to get Miss Zoe for Christmas this year.  She's too young for some really fun "girly" toys, and has all the hand me down baby/toddler toys from Elliott.  What to do, what to do?

I've been accumulating Pampers, Huggies and Disney Movie Rewards points for several years now and I decided its time to cash in on them! 
With my Huggies points I got her a bead maze, that will suction cup to the table or high chair tray...handy no?
I need to save up 200 more Pampers points, so today I'll be scouring the internet for some extra codes and I need to buy diapers anyway, so I guess I know what I'll be looking for.  But once I get those 200 points, I'll get her the Fisher Price shopping cart I was already planning on buying.  $25 saved!  That means that I can put the $25 toward the food to load the cart up with!
I haven't decided what to use the Disney Movie Rewards points for...I was leaning toward a Snow White keepsake box, but that seems silly for a baby. 

It's not even November yet and I'm still ticking off items for Christmas, by the time Black Friday rolls around, I'll be sitting in my pajamas drinking coffee while you crazies are out at 4am elbow to elbow fighting over a singing Mickey Mouse.  Ahhh, sweet free victory!

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