Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super Target Success 9/15/11

Well as you may have read in my last post, while my trip to Super Target yielded great results, forgetting my ATM card certainly put a damper on the day. 

So here's the damage: $89.  I had $30 in coupons and over $50 in savings on sale merchandise! 

By the way, I totally appologize for the quality of these pics.  The only good spot to take a pic with my crappy camera is the bathroom - not much space to work with!  And I'm having some SERIOUS layout issues with my blogger today!  GRRRR, but here they are!

Left to Right: 2 Coffee Creamers - (2) $0.55 MQs
Velveeta Cheesy Skillets - Target $0.50 & $1 MQ - Total $0.50
Goldfish - No coupon (Darn you Elliott!)
Folgers - $0.55 Target Coupon
Kashi x 6 - Buy 5, Get 1 Free.  (3) $2 from Recycle Bank, $1 off 3 granola bars Target Coupon, $1.50 off 3 items Target coupon, $1.50 off MQ (from my free sample), $1 off MQ = Total for all 6 items $7.18!
Target Cheese - $1 off 2
Meow Mix x 2 - (2) $1 MQ

The two shirts (blue and yellow) are for Elliott for fall, I broke down and paid $4 each
The tights are for Zoe for a wedding next weekend, also full price at $4

Left to Right:
Huggies Slip On x 2 - (1) $2 Target Coupon (1) $1.50 Target Coupon, (2) $3 MQ
Huggies Pull Up Wipes - $2 MQ
Johnson & Johnson Soap $1 Target Coupon and $0.55 MQ
Dinosaur Wall Decals - 70% off in the Dollar Spot

The beautiful blanket in the back could not be photographed closer, our you would be in LOVE!  It's king size, a two tone tan with a diamond design, and oh so soft!  It was originally $49.99 and on clearance for $12.98.  Yippee!  A great score since Fall seems to be here and quite chilly here in Lincoln, NE.  The beautiful patters you see are 3 packs of 3 file folders; these are also from the dollar spot and on clearance for $0.30 a pack!  I'm of the mind that pattern and color makes crappy tasks like filing MUCH more enjoyable, so this was a super find for me!  And the pencil pouch was $0.25 and has found a home in my coupon binder for my envelopes of coupons I have ready to go.   

My Purchase!  3 Merona Tank Tops - Originally $9, on clearance for $2.28
1 Merona Tunic - Originally $19.99, on clearance for $6.98, plus my $2 off any Merona item Coupon
Hanes Bras - Originally $14, on clearance for $3.50

So that's it, my trip to Super Target in a nutshell.  As far as I'm concerned , this was a pretty good haul for only $89!  Let me know what you think and any awesome finds you've had at Super Target!

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