Friday, September 30, 2011

Supa Dupa Saver!

Hey Lincoln Residents!  Get your arses out to the 27th & Pine Lake Super Saver if you need some salad dressing.  They have Kraft Light Ranch and Kraft Thousand Island bottles for $0.50 each!  Holy crap!  Also, their Little Smokies are almost $1.50 less per pack than at Super Target. 

But best of all might be the morons working there...I bought 2 pounds of HoneyCrisp Apples at $1.98 a pound, but they rang up at $2.98 a pound.  Of course I didn't notice until after check out so I went to Customer Service to get my $1.50 or so back.  I don't know what this girl had smoked, or how she passed 6th grade math, but she gave me $3.75 back!  What?!?!  I wasn't really paying attention while she was figuring the total out, and she hande me the money and I just smiled, said thank you and walked off.  It was totally not worth the time to explain how to figure out what to give back to me...

I guess that just goes to show why another free thing in life is so important...SCHOOL!  So pay attention kids, you'll need it some day!  In the mean time, get your shop on!

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