Friday, September 16, 2011

So much for planning ahead

Well I thought I'd really mapped everything out for yesterdays visit to Super Target...and in all honesty, I'm not disappointed with the spoils of the trip. 

I'll post later today with pics what I was able to nab; but here's a quick preview: I spent $89, I had over $28 in coupons and saved at least $75 on sale merchandise! 

I had all my coupons clipped and organized.  I brought my shipping bags and snacks for the kids.  What I neglected to bring with me ATM card.  FAIL!

After taking almost 15 minutes to ring all my crap up and run all the coupons thru, low and behold...I can't pay!  I even know my card # by heart and offered to just read it to the cashier, which of course he wouldn't let me do.  And for good reason.  I wasn't mad at anyone buy myself, honstly, I was in tears I was so embarassed.  I even had the good fortune of running into an old friend while this was all happening...I wanted to die! 

But after a quick trip home, and a short nap on the drive for the kids; I came home with quite the bounty and don't feel guilty for a moment!  I only paid full price for 3 things, and they were all clothing the kids NEEDED.  The extra items I bought will be staples for my wardrobe and office and I got an amazing new blanket, which is perfect as fall is setting in quickly here in Lincoln, NE. 

So stay tuned friends, I'll give you some more details about the day and with any luck, make you totally jealous! 

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