Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living on the cheap

Here is the summary for today's blog post: I need to practice what I preach...and get my poop in a group.  THE POOP GROUP

So I'm sure it's obvious to say that the whole point of this blog is to save money.  To plan, spend right, and hopefully save.  Ironic then isn't it that my husband and I are soooo bad with money.  "If you make it you spend it" right?  Pretty much.

I'm a big "justifier" when I shop.  I'm saving X amount of dollars couponing and planning our meals the right way and using our leftovers...So it's no big deal to pick up McDonalds on Saturday.  Or buy a shirt at Target on Wednesday.  Or I'm saving $5, so I might as well get it; then I won't have to pay full price when I do need it. 

Don't get me wrong, my house isn't full of crap I don't need.  If we don't normally use the product, I don't buy it.  For example, I hate air fresheners.  So I don't care if they are free, I don't need 20 in my closet. 

But shamefully I had added paper towels to my grocery list the other day because they were a good deal.    Then as I was putting something else away I counted the rolls of paper towels I have on hand: 9.  WTF am I thinking?!?  I don't need any more freakin' towels! 

I really enjoy couponing.  I love getting things for free or next to nothing.  But it seems that it's just freed up my money to spend on other things.  And I do spend it, quite happily in fact.

So it's time to throw down the monetary gauntlet.  No more splurging.  No more eating out.  Smart menu planning (ie: use all of your leftovers).  No more clothes for Elliott or myself.  No more RedBox movies 3 times a week.  No more online shopping.  No more magazine subscriptions.  Le Sigh. 

If you thought my ass cheeks were tight enough to turn coal into a diamond, you ain't seen nothin' yet!  I've got to get myself back on track.  To get my savings account growing again and to be proud to couponer and make the best of it. 

I once worked with a heart surgeon who bragged constantly about getting a 25 cent haircut while in South America...I need to take his zest for being a spend thrift to heart!

Hopefully this revived spirit toward saving money will encourage me to blog more.  I'll be honest, I tend to be forgetful.  And I also am incredibly poor with time management...I only sleep 5 hours a night, but then I take a nap and waste a potentially productive part of my day.  But it feels like an impossible cycle to break, but its time. 

Sometimes you just gotta get your poop in a group, and for me, now is that time! 
We've got a family vacation coming up that I want to make the most of, so now it's time for me to flex my money saving muscle and make it happen!  I hope you enjoy the show!

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