Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aisle of Shame Freebie!

So you may remember my mentioning "The Aisle of Shame", and it's still embarassing for me, even after all this time. 
But I stopped at Super Saver (one of my least favorite places to shop), for some milk and strawberries and

as Gru would say "LIGHTBULB"!    I made a quick trip down my favorite aisle and my heart dropped with there was nothing but flea collars and pots for plants.  Until I spy with my little eye some Barbie Listerine Smart Rinse marked down to $1.  Now some 4 year old boys would balk at Barbie anything, but I told Elliott it's more importatnt to have clean teeth & good breath and to cover it with stickers.  No big whoop.  Even better than the deal is the fact that there was a $1 coupon in the paper a few weeks ago making his fresh breath smell even sweeter!
So next time you see something that might not be "just right" for you kids, who cares.  That's what iron ons, stickers and markers are for, to make it their own.  And I'd rather have him use pink mouthwash and have no cavities than care if its "for a girl" and need a dental restoration.  "LIGHTBULB"!

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