Friday, September 30, 2011

Supa Dupa Saver!

Hey Lincoln Residents!  Get your arses out to the 27th & Pine Lake Super Saver if you need some salad dressing.  They have Kraft Light Ranch and Kraft Thousand Island bottles for $0.50 each!  Holy crap!  Also, their Little Smokies are almost $1.50 less per pack than at Super Target. 

But best of all might be the morons working there...I bought 2 pounds of HoneyCrisp Apples at $1.98 a pound, but they rang up at $2.98 a pound.  Of course I didn't notice until after check out so I went to Customer Service to get my $1.50 or so back.  I don't know what this girl had smoked, or how she passed 6th grade math, but she gave me $3.75 back!  What?!?!  I wasn't really paying attention while she was figuring the total out, and she hande me the money and I just smiled, said thank you and walked off.  It was totally not worth the time to explain how to figure out what to give back to me...

I guess that just goes to show why another free thing in life is so important...SCHOOL!  So pay attention kids, you'll need it some day!  In the mean time, get your shop on!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walgreens...sorry I ever talked smack about you...

Virtually perfect trip to Walgreens today!  Here's the rundown of the purchases:

6pack Charmin Basic - Originally $4.29, used a Wags Coupon that brought it to $2.99 & a $1 MQ (manufacturers coupon) Total: $1.99
Popcorn, Indiana Kettle Corn 10 oz bag: Originally $4.99, on sale for $1.99, used a $1 MQ Total: $0.99
Walgreens 24count Maxi Pads: $2 with a $2 RR (Register Reward) Total: Free
Haribo Gummi Bears (2 bags): Originally 2/$2, used a Wags Coupon that brought them to $0.69 each, and used 2 $0.30 coupons Total: $0.78
Schick Quattro Razor System: On Sale for $8.99, used a $5 MQ plus $5 RR Total: I made $1.01!
Hershey Bar, Hershey Air Delight & Almond Joy: On Sale for 3/$2, used a Buy A Hershey, Get an Air Delight Free Total: $1.08
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste: On Sale for 2/$7.98, used 2 $1.50 MQ plus $6 RR Total: I made $1.02
Roberts Gallon Whole Milk: $3.29, used $0.50 MQ Total: $2.79

Total Spent: $5.06

So Walgreens, while your aisles may be crowded, your customers sketchy, your cashier Che incredibly rude and your regular prices astronomically high...I shall remain true to you.  You had me at Register Rewards...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Swagbucks Pays Off!

So I have mentioned before, and feature in the "Things I LOVE" bar on the right side of the blog page Swagbucks.  Basically it is just a search engine that rewards you in "swagbucks" for using it.  You get at least 1 point a day for using it and 1 point for answering a 1 question daily poll.  There are other ways to earn points too...taking surveys, playing games, watching videos (none of which I do).  I use their coupon printing function, which rewards you 10 points for each coupon you print and redeem.  And also the search engine function. 

The more you search, the more they reward you...about every 4-5 searches you can win about 9 swagbucks.  Then one Friday a month is Mega Swagbucks day, and I actually won 50 swagbucks for searching that day!

But the best part is cashing them in!  I really didn't think what I was going to earn would amount to much, but by last week I had over 2000 swagbucks and thought...What the heck?  I cashed them out for $20 in giftcards, which will be excellent come Christmas time!  And I've almost got enough for one more $5 giftcard.  It's a slow process, but why not get rewarded for something you do already? 

So give it a try, sign up for Swagbucks and start earning today1

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes you gotta splurge!

So an extra $40 may not seem a lot of money to you.  And in the great scheme of things, it's not to me either.  But like I've said, I'm a tightwad...

I have not had my hair cut in over 2 years, not even a trim.  Granted, the whole point was to grow it out, and I did.  But it was to the point where even a ponytail looked like crap.  And it's hard to feel good about yourself when you're 50 pounds overweight and you are sporting an "unruly mop of hair" as my mother always proclaimed hers to be.

I broke down, I made an appointment with my lovely neighbor Kelly and got my hair did! 
For those of you who live in Lincoln, check out the Black Dahlia on 13th & Arapahoe, you would never know it's there, but it's an awfully nice salon, and a heck of a deal too!  For $40 (which includes tip), I got my hair cut and my (dare I say it) lip waxed. 

I feel like a whole new woman, and maybe feeling better about my hair is the first step to taking better care of myself and looking better all around. 

Who knows...all I know is that $40 was worth spending to look and feel like a lady again!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aisle of Shame Freebie!

So you may remember my mentioning "The Aisle of Shame", and it's still embarassing for me, even after all this time. 
But I stopped at Super Saver (one of my least favorite places to shop), for some milk and strawberries and

as Gru would say "LIGHTBULB"!    I made a quick trip down my favorite aisle and my heart dropped with there was nothing but flea collars and pots for plants.  Until I spy with my little eye some Barbie Listerine Smart Rinse marked down to $1.  Now some 4 year old boys would balk at Barbie anything, but I told Elliott it's more importatnt to have clean teeth & good breath and to cover it with stickers.  No big whoop.  Even better than the deal is the fact that there was a $1 coupon in the paper a few weeks ago making his fresh breath smell even sweeter!
So next time you see something that might not be "just right" for you kids, who cares.  That's what iron ons, stickers and markers are for, to make it their own.  And I'd rather have him use pink mouthwash and have no cavities than care if its "for a girl" and need a dental restoration.  "LIGHTBULB"!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Building a Home

No...we're not selling our darling bungalow to try and build a home...I've heard some serious horror stories.  Never Never Never.

But if you decide the time is nigh for's a frugal and fun option:
The Hobbit House!  Ga!  This is truly a dream for me, I adore Lord of the Rings and from the moment I saw Bag End I wanted to give Bilbo the boot and move on in.  Hey, I'm not very tall...

So check this out, built for only $5000!


Now someone loan me $5000 and a small piece of land!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super Target Success 9/15/11

Well as you may have read in my last post, while my trip to Super Target yielded great results, forgetting my ATM card certainly put a damper on the day. 

So here's the damage: $89.  I had $30 in coupons and over $50 in savings on sale merchandise! 

By the way, I totally appologize for the quality of these pics.  The only good spot to take a pic with my crappy camera is the bathroom - not much space to work with!  And I'm having some SERIOUS layout issues with my blogger today!  GRRRR, but here they are!

Left to Right: 2 Coffee Creamers - (2) $0.55 MQs
Velveeta Cheesy Skillets - Target $0.50 & $1 MQ - Total $0.50
Goldfish - No coupon (Darn you Elliott!)
Folgers - $0.55 Target Coupon
Kashi x 6 - Buy 5, Get 1 Free.  (3) $2 from Recycle Bank, $1 off 3 granola bars Target Coupon, $1.50 off 3 items Target coupon, $1.50 off MQ (from my free sample), $1 off MQ = Total for all 6 items $7.18!
Target Cheese - $1 off 2
Meow Mix x 2 - (2) $1 MQ

The two shirts (blue and yellow) are for Elliott for fall, I broke down and paid $4 each
The tights are for Zoe for a wedding next weekend, also full price at $4

Left to Right:
Huggies Slip On x 2 - (1) $2 Target Coupon (1) $1.50 Target Coupon, (2) $3 MQ
Huggies Pull Up Wipes - $2 MQ
Johnson & Johnson Soap $1 Target Coupon and $0.55 MQ
Dinosaur Wall Decals - 70% off in the Dollar Spot

The beautiful blanket in the back could not be photographed closer, our you would be in LOVE!  It's king size, a two tone tan with a diamond design, and oh so soft!  It was originally $49.99 and on clearance for $12.98.  Yippee!  A great score since Fall seems to be here and quite chilly here in Lincoln, NE.  The beautiful patters you see are 3 packs of 3 file folders; these are also from the dollar spot and on clearance for $0.30 a pack!  I'm of the mind that pattern and color makes crappy tasks like filing MUCH more enjoyable, so this was a super find for me!  And the pencil pouch was $0.25 and has found a home in my coupon binder for my envelopes of coupons I have ready to go.   

My Purchase!  3 Merona Tank Tops - Originally $9, on clearance for $2.28
1 Merona Tunic - Originally $19.99, on clearance for $6.98, plus my $2 off any Merona item Coupon
Hanes Bras - Originally $14, on clearance for $3.50

So that's it, my trip to Super Target in a nutshell.  As far as I'm concerned , this was a pretty good haul for only $89!  Let me know what you think and any awesome finds you've had at Super Target!

Friday, September 16, 2011

So much for planning ahead

Well I thought I'd really mapped everything out for yesterdays visit to Super Target...and in all honesty, I'm not disappointed with the spoils of the trip. 

I'll post later today with pics what I was able to nab; but here's a quick preview: I spent $89, I had over $28 in coupons and saved at least $75 on sale merchandise! 

I had all my coupons clipped and organized.  I brought my shipping bags and snacks for the kids.  What I neglected to bring with me ATM card.  FAIL!

After taking almost 15 minutes to ring all my crap up and run all the coupons thru, low and behold...I can't pay!  I even know my card # by heart and offered to just read it to the cashier, which of course he wouldn't let me do.  And for good reason.  I wasn't mad at anyone buy myself, honstly, I was in tears I was so embarassed.  I even had the good fortune of running into an old friend while this was all happening...I wanted to die! 

But after a quick trip home, and a short nap on the drive for the kids; I came home with quite the bounty and don't feel guilty for a moment!  I only paid full price for 3 things, and they were all clothing the kids NEEDED.  The extra items I bought will be staples for my wardrobe and office and I got an amazing new blanket, which is perfect as fall is setting in quickly here in Lincoln, NE. 

So stay tuned friends, I'll give you some more details about the day and with any luck, make you totally jealous! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Planning Ahead

So today I'm planning a trip to CVS and Super Target.  After a solid 2 hours of scouring my favorite blog's matchup list, my own coupons and the ads, I think I'm ready to go.

I actually don't need a thing from CVS, but they have their store brand allergy medicine on sale so that it's free after Extra Care Bucks, so why not, I'll use it eventually!  And you never know what the Magic Coupon Machine will spit out.  Last I heard there were coupons for free Newton Fruit Thins - so here's to hoping!

I do, however have quite an extensive list for my personal favorite shopping location...Super Target.  There is a reason why "Super" is in its name!  I've got coupons for everything except produce.  My biggest deal plan is for Kashi.  Target's advertised deal is buy 5 get the 6th free.  I've got 3 $2 off coupons from Recycle Bank, $1.50 off from the free sample I got in the mail, $1 off 3 boxes of bars, and best of all 2 $1 off Target coupons for a total of $10.50 off the five boxes I buy plus!

Also, Target has a coupon for $0.50 off Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, there was a $1 coupon in the paper 2 weeks ago and they are on sale for $2.  So in total the box will cost $0.50!  Not too bad for a quick dinner the kids will enjoy. 

I'll keep you posted about how things go today and what awesome deals I come home with.  I know I'm a nerd, but this is the first big shopping trip I've been on in almost 2 weeks, so I'm ready to thrift it up! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living on the cheap

Here is the summary for today's blog post: I need to practice what I preach...and get my poop in a group.  THE POOP GROUP

So I'm sure it's obvious to say that the whole point of this blog is to save money.  To plan, spend right, and hopefully save.  Ironic then isn't it that my husband and I are soooo bad with money.  "If you make it you spend it" right?  Pretty much.

I'm a big "justifier" when I shop.  I'm saving X amount of dollars couponing and planning our meals the right way and using our leftovers...So it's no big deal to pick up McDonalds on Saturday.  Or buy a shirt at Target on Wednesday.  Or I'm saving $5, so I might as well get it; then I won't have to pay full price when I do need it. 

Don't get me wrong, my house isn't full of crap I don't need.  If we don't normally use the product, I don't buy it.  For example, I hate air fresheners.  So I don't care if they are free, I don't need 20 in my closet. 

But shamefully I had added paper towels to my grocery list the other day because they were a good deal.    Then as I was putting something else away I counted the rolls of paper towels I have on hand: 9.  WTF am I thinking?!?  I don't need any more freakin' towels! 

I really enjoy couponing.  I love getting things for free or next to nothing.  But it seems that it's just freed up my money to spend on other things.  And I do spend it, quite happily in fact.

So it's time to throw down the monetary gauntlet.  No more splurging.  No more eating out.  Smart menu planning (ie: use all of your leftovers).  No more clothes for Elliott or myself.  No more RedBox movies 3 times a week.  No more online shopping.  No more magazine subscriptions.  Le Sigh. 

If you thought my ass cheeks were tight enough to turn coal into a diamond, you ain't seen nothin' yet!  I've got to get myself back on track.  To get my savings account growing again and to be proud to couponer and make the best of it. 

I once worked with a heart surgeon who bragged constantly about getting a 25 cent haircut while in South America...I need to take his zest for being a spend thrift to heart!

Hopefully this revived spirit toward saving money will encourage me to blog more.  I'll be honest, I tend to be forgetful.  And I also am incredibly poor with time management...I only sleep 5 hours a night, but then I take a nap and waste a potentially productive part of my day.  But it feels like an impossible cycle to break, but its time. 

Sometimes you just gotta get your poop in a group, and for me, now is that time! 
We've got a family vacation coming up that I want to make the most of, so now it's time for me to flex my money saving muscle and make it happen!  I hope you enjoy the show!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Music That Feels Like Home

So recently I was feeling a little uninspired in the blogging department.  For me, saving money is exciting.  Getting to put that saved cash toward something we really want rather than just scraping by is even more exciting.  However this isn't what my life is all about, and certainly not all I have to share with my friends, family and whomever my stumble onto my little blog.

I asked my friends on facebook for a little push in the right direction, and luckily, my good friend Charlie recommended I write about a new album.  This got me thinking right away; and brace yourselves, I've got a lot to say.

Starting with the fact that I haven't purchased an album for myself in 5 years.  And that's not because my funds are tied up elsewhere or that I'm putting my kids needs before my own.  Honestly, its because while I do very much LOVE music, and even some new music, my heart doesn't lie with a disc or shuffling thru an I-Pod...I love vinyl.  Period.

Call me sentimental, call me old fashioned or behind the times.  First of all, classic rock is the music I would prefer to listen to any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  It's what I grew up on and moreover, what I actually consider to be the only music really worth listening to.  There is so much soul, priceless lyrics and musical talent you just can find in an age of "auto-tune" performers and lip-synchers.

So you may be thinking, why hog up all that space storing hundreds of records...I'll tell you why: LOVE.
I LOVE the album art.  You can't get that on and I-Pod.  Turning the wheel on the cover of Led Zeppelin III, knowing that if you put water on the Presence inner sleeve it will permanently change the picture.  How can you simulate that with a computer app? 
Led Zeppelin III

But most of all I LOVE the sound.  There is nothing that feels like home, transports me back to my youth or reminds me of my mom than the familiar hiss of a needle drop.  It's like a time machine that brings you back to the finest days of your life. 
And as old school as it sounds; I think this is how the music sounds the best.  You can listen to the same album on vinyl and then "remastered" MP3, and it's just not the same, and not in a good way.  When those artists recorded the songs, they knew they would be pressed on vinyl.  The sound was engineered to be heard via that medium.  There was no "digital enhancement" or "high definition", just music. 

When I get a hankering for someting new to listen to, I can walk to my local Goodwill and pick a record up for a buck.  And if I'm being really specific, I can go to the local record shops (yes, they still exist!) and get exactly what I'm looking for.  No downloading, no going to the dreaded Best Buy. 

So the next time you get a wild hair about your tunes, head down to your record store, steep yourself in nostalgia and lay down some vinyl.