Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanks to my "sponsors"

Just a quick note of thanks to my "newspaper sponsors": Barb, Judy, Martha & Opal, you have helped me tremendously! 

I got some amazing deals today that wouldn't have been possible without you passing along your coupons my way! 

Today @ Walgreens:
4 sample Degree deoderants : $1.12 - $0.75 coupons = $1.48
Walgreens Register Rewards: $4
Thanks to you gals I MADE $3.52 cents on deoderant!

4 tubs of Lysol wipes
2 bottles of Lysol Bathroom Cleaner = $15.00 - $3 coupons = $12.00
Walgreens Register Rewards: $5
$7.00 total or $1.16 per item  **AMAZING**

Thanks again for your help or my couponing would be in vain.  It's sad to think that just buying 1 newspaper isn't enough to make a huge dent in your budget.  But amazing to know that with the kindness of neighbors, family & even strangers  you can change the way you spend, save & live!

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