Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunmart Super Deals 8/25/11

Holy buckets guys, amazing deal on General Mills Cereal this week at Sunmart!
Here's the breakdown, in this week's ad there is a $10 store coupon if you buy 6 participating General Mills Cereals.  Plus there is a catalina coupon that will print for free eggs and milk on your next visit...AMAZING!

Lucky for me, Cheerios were included in the deal because as I posted in here there were $1 Cheerios coupons in my diapers, so I had 4 to apply toward any Cheerios!  Also I had $1/2 that I applied toward Elliott's beloved Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

That being said, here are the totals:
6 Boxes of Cereal (Various prices from $3.13 to $4.93)
2 Cans of Frosting ($0.75 each)
1 Box of Cake Mix (clearanced to $0.99)
Bananas $0.83
Green Grapes $2.49

$10 Store Coupon
$5 Manufacturers Coupons
Grand Total: $11.69
Plus - $5 Milk & Eggs Rebate

So break out those General Mills coupons and get shopping folks, it's so rare to get a decent box of cereal for less than $1.50!

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