Monday, August 22, 2011

Online Shopping With Ebates

So I'll confess, I love online shopping.  Not necessarily the shopping part, but just the drooling over awesome things I cant afford and will never see in Lincoln, NE. 

Although there are some huge benefits to shopping on line:
  1. No lines
  2. No dressing rooms
  3. No kids - enough said!
  4. And did I mention discount codes!!!
The best site that I've found to share with you is
It's easy, it's fast, they provide you with discount codes both for % off and free shipping if it's available and best of all, if the store you're shopping at participates with ebates (and almost everything I've used does), you earn a certain % of your purchase as cash back!

Case in point, my new Dyson vacuum.  First I searched for Dyson and it brought up all the stores that sell Dyson vacuums and the price range.  This did take some narrowing down since I didn't have a particular model in mind.  Then I found that Sears had the lowest priced vacuum, so I searched for Sears.  Low and behold...4%cash back on my purchase!  So I bought my vacuum and then a few weeks later received my quarterly rebate check in the mail.  $17 back, just for buying something I was already planning on purchasing! 

I frequently check out, and about every other monthy buy one on 's Daily Deals.  This time it was some lounge pants 2/$12 with free shipping.  Granted I only earned $0.36 cash back, it's still something more than nothing. 

I really plan on putting my Ebates account to use when the holidays roll around, since it's a little hard to shop for Christmas gifts while the kids are actually WITH YOU! 

So not only am I giving 2 big thumbs up, but I'm attaching the link to refer you to their site thru me.  Duh, if I can earn a cash bonus for referring you, why not!  So here it is...check it out, make a purchase and begin your new life as an online shop-a-holic!

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