Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love The Smell Of Garage Sales In The Morning

  On a total blogging side note...Robert Duvall, you were a total hottie.

So we hit the jackpot for the kiddos today at some garage sales.  Batman pajamas (with cape) and a knights shield for Elliott for 50 cents! 

And after driving by a few more sales I didn't even feel tempted to stop at, I got even crap at the curb!  My favorite!

Now I firmly believe in Curb Karma.  You put good stuff at the curb and you will get good stuff at the curb.  I have recently put a nice trash can, vacuum, humidifier, garden hose reel, wire rack & more out at the curb and had it all gone in hours.  Yesterday I hightailed it out to 33rd & Holdrege for some free Craigslist finds only to find NOTHING.  BOOOOOO.
So imagine my suprise & happiness when I discovered a big heap of kids stuff just waiting to be had!  A walker for Zoe.  Missing a toy or two from the front, but this is the ticket to getting her to walk then score for me!  Also a practically new Fisher Price ring stacker and some cars for Elliott including The Mystery Machine! 

Thank you Curb Goddess, I shall continue to sacrafice goodies at your altar in repayment for the spoils you have put in front of me today!

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