Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thrifting Done Right - St Louise's Thrift Shop on O Street

It's probably been 10 years since I stopped in here, but with back to school quickly approaching, and a fancy dinner for my husband's work right around the corner, I figured I'd stop on in to St. Louise's Thrift Shop on O Street here in Lincoln, NE.
The lovely St Louise herself

It was a dream experience.  Everything was neatly organized.  It didn't stink of must & dust like the Goodwill does and truly, the prices were excellent.  I swear, if there was anything you needed, they had it.  From name brand clothes to books to dishes and furniture. 

There were womens jeans (some that I know retail between $50 and $90 at Von Maur) for $4.50!  Unfortunatley the pair that fit me perfectly had a tear in the crotch.  I'm no Martha Stewart, and I couldn't fix that to save my life, so it would be $4.50 wasted.

I did hit the jackpot with a beautiful geometric print dress from Talbots that based on their on-line prices, was probably a $60 purchase.  9 smackeroos!  And honestly, it's the best I've felt in a dress in a long time, I couldn't pass it up.
Really, how awesome is this?

2 pairs of pants for Elliott caught my eye...a dark khaki pair from Gymboree and a light green cargo pair from the Gap.  I'm ballparking the original price at $30-$40.  I paid $5.  And for adjustable waist pants with no visible problems, you can't pass that up.

Also, I found in the back furniture section a Boon Frog Pod.  I've wanted one of these since Elliott was a baby, but I REFUSE to pay $35 for something to hold bath toys.  Thanks to this lovely thrifters paradise I paid a scant $3 for it!  Yippee for a mess free tub!

Last but not least a few books for the kiddos.  "What Was That" (I think we had this book when we were kids", "No Roses for Harry" from the "Harry the Dirty Dog" series, "The World of Science", an amazing picture book with great stories for my budding scientist.  And my personal favorite, "Shapes" by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Freakin' awesome pictures and educational too.  I haven't been able to tear Elliott away from his colors and notebooks lately, so this should serve as some wonderful inspiration!

All of these lovely finds, a clean dressing room to try clothes on in, friendly staff and not having to stand out in the heat...totally worth the extra money instead of driving from garage sale to sale.  Because in the end I spent only $24 on all of these wonderful wares.  Not only will I continue to frequent this store, but I think I'll be taking my donations there instead of the Goodwill after this years garage sale. 

So enjoy my frugal friends, and I hope to run into you on O Street!

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  1. couldn't agree more!! You go, girl.