Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Super Target, You Just Got Owned!

OMG I am so thrilled about my trip to Super Target today.  First of all, my kids behaved the entire time - even in the dressing room.  Say what?  Did Hell freeze over?

So here's what I left the store with (my camera is caput or I'd include a photo):
loaf of bread
dozen eggs
1/2 lb salami
brick cheddar cheese
3 bags of Ore-Ida fries
Suave Cream Body Wash
Coffee Pot
30 CDRs
1 Dress for me
2 Shirts for me

Out of pocket: $24 - again, say what?
So here's the breakdown, first of all, I returned some stuff and had a $20 gift card toward my total, so that $24 isn't as impressive as it sounds.  But here's the other coupons used:
-$1 off WYB (when you buy) both Target Market Pantry bread & eggs (their bread was on sale for $1 so free bread!)
-$1 off WYB both Target Market Pantry lunch meat & cheese
-$1 off 2 Ore-Ida fries plus Target's sale of Buy 2 get 1 free on the fries
- Free Suave Body Wash (this is from some giveaway on their facebook site)
- 20% off Merona item ($2 off the dress - which was originally $40, on sale for $10, so $8 after the coupon)
- $3 off a womens plus size item (the shirt which was originally $20, on sale for $5, so $3 after the coupon)
-$2 off a graphic tee (the tee shirt was originally $10 on sale for $2.50, so 50 cents after the coupon!!)

Even taking into account the gift card, it's still an awesome deal.  I needed the clothes, and god knows we need coffee!!!  Plus the return was on diapers, I was given $9 each, and I never spend more than $5 a pack after coupons, so I still made out like a bandit. 

So with that Super Target, I bitch slap you and scoff "You Got Owned"!

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