Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pay Attention!

If you're like me and always are shopping with your kids, you know that check out is the most stressful time.  Not because I'm sweating and double checking my numbers like the freaks on "Extreme Couponing", but because this is when all the havoc occurs along with mistakes.

Twice today I was mistaken and thank goodness I always review my receipt with a fine tooth comb before I leave the parking lot..

First at Super Target I was buying a pillow.  There was a coupon on Target's website for $2 off a pillow, and they sell some pillows for $2.50, HELLO BARGAIN!  But someone had put a $14.99 pillow in that slot and like an idiot, that's what I checked out with.  Derp.  So I returned that right away, before we even left the store.

Then at CVS I spotted a killer diaper deal.  A box of Pampers for $19.99 with $5 Extra Care Bucks back, plus I had a $4 coupon - Hell Yeah!  Then there was a tag on the diapers that said "Buy One Get One 50% off" Double Hell Yeah!  I also had a $1.50 coupon, so this would make for $24.50 for 2 boxes of diapers plus the $5 back.  Not bad!  Well it didn't ring up that way, but I was again distracted and paid the full $19.99 for both.  We got in the car and I discovered my error so I went back in.  The manager went to the display and brought back the sale tag with the ECB info.  I reiterated the BOGO half off tag and took him back there.  Evidently this tag was supposed to be on the BAGS of diapers and not the boxes, but I told him I'd never have bought those two boxes if it weren't for that sale.  So he refunded me for their mistake.  I wasn't crabby or rude and didn't imply it was their fault, I just explained that I felt he should honor the price on the shelf and he did.

So a big Thank You to CVS for being a pleasant and honest place to shop with awesome deals.  And even more importantly, be your own shopping advocate.  Make sure you are getting what you pay for, and even more importantly, what you  hope NOT to pay for.

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