Sunday, July 31, 2011

Husbands Are Stupid...or...How To Waste $400

So we've had an elephant in our livingroom for the last 5 years.  If you've never been to my house you might be thinking its some ugly carpet waiting to be torn out or a crack in our plaster.  WRONG!  It's our TV/Entertainment center.  Due to its size it was caddycorner and took up a ton of room!  We've been talking for over a year now about getting a nice wall mount slim line TV and re-arranging our living room setup. 

Well after we got some money in our hot little hands, who in our house did what? 
I bought a vacuum.  A sound investment considering we have 2 pets and 2 kids. 
Josh bought a plasma TV.  And not just any TV...a freakin' monstrosity that is now mounted in the same corner.  Honestly, the picture is great.  Trying to rearrange our lighting so there isn't a glare isn't.  Also, he hasn't figured out how to hide any of the cords yet, so they are just dangling there looking like shit.  Glad we make sure our house all looks nice to have that there.  Plus now we have this totally awkward space we don't quite know what to do with. 

See what I mean...stupid
I tried for 2 hours prior to him wasting our $400 to not buy this TV.  That I'd rather wait until we had the money to set the room up right to buy it.  But you know when it comes to stuff like this, you just can't change their minds.  So here we sit, practically staring at the ceiling to watch TV because he mounted it too high.  With our livingroom looking like crap.  But what can you do...

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