Saturday, July 2, 2011

Diapers...Oy Vey!

If you've got a baby in diapers, you know how expensive that can be.  Also, props to you if you can handle cloth diapers.  Me personally, I've got enough on my plate right now to be rinsing crap off a cloth diaper with a smile on my face.

Anyway, while I like to save as much as I can and generally try to buy the best product for the lowest price, there are some times I will defer.  LUVS are pretty darn good diapers and usually less expensive, but rarely have coupons out.  Huggies usually have great coupons, but they bunch in the crotch and smell weird.  So I usually stick with Pampers.  T

That being said, you really need to keep your eyes open for the deals out there.  CVS and Walgreens run lots of deals on their diapers with their Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards programs, and combined with a coupon, you usually get a good deal.  The best bet is Target, as they will have store coupons that you can "stack" with the manufacturers coupon for double the savings.  So when you're expecting, head to Target and set up a registry, this will get you on the mailer for their excellent store coupons. 

Right now there are some even sweeter deals with Pampers, since the Baby Dry style has coupons inside for $1 off Cheerios.  Even better is that this coupon does not have a size restriction.  So instead of making you buy a $5 box of Cheerios that will get stale by the time you eat it all, you can get a little box for $1.50 or so.  Pretty good for the best snack a baby can have. 

Not to mention the Pampers Gifts to Grow and the Huggies Enjoy the Ride rewards.  There are codes in all the products you buy that you can enter online to "buy" toys, gift cards, magazine subscriptions and more.  I've earned enough Pampers GTG points to get a pretty awesome wagon for Zoe for Christmas. 

And if you don't have a kid, you still aren't missing out!  There are free codes on the internet all the time.  Just enter them as they come out and by the end of the year, buy a Better Homes and Gardens subscription or a Starbucks gift card for youself...for free! 

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