Saturday, July 9, 2011

Close, but no gas cap

It was a lofty goal to set for myself to make $10 of gas last for 2 weeks, but I almost made it. 
I walked to work every day.  I walked to Walgreens.  We walked to the park.  I used my husband's truck more than once.  But I didn't quite make it. 
I bought 5 gallons worth of gas yesterday, which put me at 10 days on $10 of gas...
I'm sure not a lot of people in this day in age, or in a city like Lincoln can do that.

This might be a fine time to point out that our mass transit system in Lincoln stinks.  Big time.  Those gigantic busses run around the city empty most of the time wasting gas, but when you need to get somewhere, no routes are near by or they are done for the day/night.  Why don't we downgrade to mini-vans? 

That's all beside the point.  I'm sure there are more ways I can be more gas conscious, and I'm thrilled that as of yesterday Josh started a job where he won't be spending $400 a month on gas.  One small step at the pump, one giant step for the pocketbook!

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