Thursday, June 9, 2011

The problem with couponing

So yes, there is a problem with couponing, you obsess...big time.  I dream about it.  I agonize when I didn't realize a coupon didn't go thru until I'm in the car.  I painstakingly plan our shopping trips and then line item my receipts to make sure they came out right.  I have probably a half hour worth of clipping and filing to do tonight. 

Why is that worth it you may ask?  Because in the last 2 days I saved approximately 60% on my groceries, spending just $70 total.  That is between both HyVee and Super Target and including a couple of mistakes and unplanned purchases. 

How dare you make unplanned purchases & mistakes you may ask?  Because I'm always shopping with Elliott and Zoe in tow.  And because I insist on walking down EVERY aisle of the store to make sure I didn't miss a sale.  Case in point, I didn't really need hamburger, but happened to see that 90/10 pounds were on sale for $2.99, so I helped myself to 3 pounds.  Also, Elliott tried a pork loin sample & loved it, so I bought a pound and a half for approximately $6; for a total of $15 unplanned spending.  Also @ Target I misread the sign and bought 2 packs of diapers when you needed to buy 3 to get the $5 gift card rebate.  Whoops.  And my yogurt coupon didn't go thru.  Double whoops.

But all the same, I saved $45 in coupons between the two stores and also turned in my baby bucks @ HyVee for an extra $10 off.  So is it worth the insanity?  As Sarah Palin would say...You Betcha!

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