Saturday, June 25, 2011

Money Well Spent

So today the kids and I ventured downtown to have an afternoon snack with my wonderful Aunt Martha.  We met at the ol' Topper Popper and enjoyed some excellent ice cream, popcorn and Elliott in the fountain (aka Wet Pants McGee) antics.  Total Spent: Almost $7

We strolled back to her work and then stopped in at Nebraska Bookstore to try and find him some new shorts at least...alas, Husker logo or no, I refuse to pay $27 for a pair of shorts. 

Moving along now, we then stopped at A Novel Idea on our way back to the car.  Not only do they boast one of the kindest (and snuggliest) staffs in Lincoln, but also an excellent place to get a good used book.  So after poking around for a while we left with Tootle, a good Golden Books Classic.  Moreover, Elliott was so proud that he paid for the book (with my money of course), and had the change in his pocket. 

Finally on our way back to the car.  Crabby baby in the stroller and ansty boy walking alongside me we came upon 2 homeless folks on O Street.  Now just the day before Elliott had asked me what the word charity meant, this was the perfect time to show him.  I handed him $5 and asked him to give it to them along with the change in his pocket.  He looked so hurt when I asked him to give up that precious 17cents, but I said "They need it much more than we do" and he just looked at me, nodded and handed her the money.  The look on  her face made me cry and for her to tell him, not me, "thank you" and for him to say "you're welcome" was priceless.

So we came home with $2 and not much to show for it but a beat up book and full bellies, but very happy hearts.  And that, my friends, is money well spent.

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