Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let there be (no) light

Somehow, someway, we had 9 lighbulbs burned out at home.  Holy cow!  Now I don't know if I never really thought about the cost of lightbulbs before, just blindly bought them and went about my merry way, but Jesus Mary & Joseph they are expensive!

I wanted very much to broaden my horizons and purchase the CFL bulbs, and try to cut costs, however some of the bulbs I needed didn't come that way.  Then I was stumped over the oddball wattage numbers.  Note to self: investigate or go to a store where someone can actually HELP  you.  Super Target with 2 kids may not have been my best idea when it came to this endeavor. 

Anyhoo, so I get up to the cashregister and ring up all my items, and about barf at the $78 total.  After coupons, $62...better; we're getting there.  Then I mentally subtract the $4 bubbles I got for Elliott and the $5 eye makeup remover I bought; $52, even better.  Then I got in the car and looked at my receipt.  For groceries including fruit, diapers, and the totally necessary dinosaur chicken nuggets and more, I only spent $17 after coupons.  Do you realize what this means?  I spent $35 on lightbulbs. 

I would rather sit in the dark and begin raising bees to make my own beeswax candles than spend $35 on lightbulbs.  But I will admit, actually being able to see inside my fridge is mighty nice. 

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