Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Beginning of the Side Hustle

So, in an attempt to bring in some extra moolah during my unemployment, I shall now begin what my amiga at Live Rich and Free calls the "side hustle". 

My first move came about a week ago when I set up an account on  Basically there are tons of ways to earn swagbucks, but the easiest is just to use their search bar instead of google.  It generally works well, and about every 4th or 5th search you "win" extra bucks, I've won up to 15 at a time so far.  In the end, the bucks you earn can buy anything thru their site, my goal is to use mine for gift cards to buy Christmas and birthday presents for the kids without putting ourselves out.

Next, I've set up ads to be posted on my blog, I'M SORRY!!!   I'll just have to see how much I earn from this and report back to you.  But the theory is the more you blog the more you make, so prepare, dear reader, for an onslaught of posts!!!

I've got several other ideas, and I'll share them with you as we go and see whats worth it.   Now go out there and get your hustle on!

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