Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th Of July LOVE

So you may wonder why a frugal freak like me feels free to just light money on fire right?  Sometimes even I wonder...

My mom used to put aside an entire paycheck for the 4th festivities, and when the tents opened on the 3rd, we were the first in line.  Our Honda was burgeoning with explosives just waiting to be lit.  And it's the one time of the year that I remember my mom actually buying beer.  Even though that 6 pack would fester in our fridge for the rest of the year, she'd always treat herself to one or two that special night. 

Plus I'll admit it, I'm a total sap.  And I fucking love America.  Not the money hungry, bi-partisan, egotistical United States, but the America that I hold in my heart.  That feeling when you've been in a foreign country and return home and feel a swelling of pride in your chest.  The tears that come to my eves every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner (no matter how poor the rendition).  I guess it's the hope that comes for the way we were raised and the honor that was instilled in us that America is a good place in all of us. 

Now really what does that have to do with hot dogs, gun powder and rock & roll?  Not much really.  But it's one traditon, no matter how silly that I'll happily pass on to my kids.  Be with your family this 4th of July, no matter how many or how few.  Laugh, enjoy a cold drink, eat a hot dog and some potato salad.  Watch those fireworks with childlike happiness and cry like a baby as Francis Scott Key's legacy plays on the radio.  Why?  Because we're proud to be Americans damn it.

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