Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You better have a coupon for that

I have officially become one of those people that says: "I don't have a coupon for that...sorry"

I never thought I would get an adrenaline rush getting the Sunday paper and pulling my scissors out.  I swear there are even times I could break into a cold sweat going thru the new online coupons.

Mock me if you will, that's fine.  Suckas.  On average I'm saving $50 a week by couponing...thats approximately $200 a month, you really can't beat that!
I'm totally of this new outlet for my neurosis.  It's infinetly more awesome than scrapbooking and the perfect way to put my OCD to use!

I have some prep to do, but later this week I'll post pictures of my Coupon Binder so you can see how my "process" works.  Maybe get some ideas for yourself...or at least a good laugh; who knows?
I'm nothing like the Extreme Couponers you see on TLC, I still spend a shit-load on groceries, but I'm learning how to spend smarter, how to stockpile and how to freezer cook.
Hopefully I'm organized enough to share this all as I go...we shall see.

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